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Friday, March 21, 2014

Mother’s Day Calendar 2014

Mother’s day is a day of love, care, and emotions for a mother. What are you doing this mother’s day? Well, there are numerous ideas to make your happy with a surprise gift.When is mother’s day in your country? Mother’s day is celebrated on different days in different countries. Let’s have a look at the dates.

Mother’s Day Calendar 2014

 Mother’s Day Calendar 2014
Mother’s day is celebrated on different times and on different days in the world. Well, the importance of mother’s day remains same whether it is celebrated today or tomorrow! Here is the mother’s day calendar that shows the celebration day of different states and countries.

1. First Sunday in May (May 4, 2014) - On First Sunday of May, countries like Hungary, Lithuania, Mozambique, Portugal, Romania and Spain will celebrated Mothers Day.

2.On May 8 - On this date countries like South Korea will celebrated Mothers Day. Parents Day .

3.10th May 2014 - On this date Countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico will celebrate Mothers day.

4.Second Sunday of May - May 11th, 2014. On this day, largest no of countries celebrate Mothers day. Countries like Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Cambodia, Chile (People's Republic of China), Colombia, Cuba, CuraƧao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmar,k Dominica, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kurdistan, Latvia, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua, New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint, Lucia Saint, Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa Singapore, Sint Maarten Slovakia, South Africa,[citation needed] Sri Lanka, Suriname, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Why to have Mothers day Calendar?

With the help of this mother’s day calendar you can get to know about the dates of your state or country in which mother’s day will be celebrated. The modern mother’s day is celebrated on numerous days in many parts of world commonly in May and also in March as a day to honor mothers & motherhood. In United States it was officially announced as a holiday in the year of 1914 after a successful campaign by Anna Jarvis.

Want to know more about mother’s day? Want to the mother’s day gift ideas? Visit our other articles and plan something dissimilar this mother’s day. Celebrating mother’s day is a great mixture of emotions, love and care for a mother. It doesn’t matter which day it is! Spending a quality time with your mom on this day is important. Do you have any special plans for your mother? What surprise you are giving to mom? Make her feel that she is so precious by doing something touchy this time.

Know mother’s day celebration date of your country with our mother’s day calendar and have a super exciting mother’s day! Make a day most memorable and joyful. Happy mother’s day 2014!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Movies on Mother's Day - Mothers Day 2014

I love my mom. What are you doing this mother’s day? Any special plan? Well, I have a plenty of great ideas you can follow this mother’s day for your mom. However, the best of all is watching movie with your mother on mother’s day. Expressing her how much you love and care for her.

Movies on Mother's Day - Mothers Day 2014

Movies on Mother's Day - Mothers Day 2014
Here is the list of best movies on mothers.
  • Mother India: It is an Indian Bollywood film. The film is very touchy and you must watch it with your mother.
  • Forrest Gump: A Hollywood movie and a perfect movie for mother’s day. There are several quality mom moments that must be watched with your mom.
  • Stop! Or my mom will shoot: A good Hollywood movie that describes a love and care from mother to a child.
  • Steel magnolias: a protective and overbearing mother of an ill child. She is a perfect mother! Must watch this movie with your mother.
  • Terms of endearment: The best Hollywood movie explains mother-daughter flick all the time.Love, care, laugh, and tears in the movie.

These are the best movies on mothers you should watch with your mom this mother’s day and make the day special with spending a quality time with each other. A quality time that brings laugh, emotions, love, and care. Make it more memorable with a beautiful surprise. You can choose any idea for a surprise as we have a great collection of mother’s day gift ideas. Have a look at it and find the one of your choice.

What else you want? A beautiful smile on the face of your mother brings all happiness! Visit our other articles on mother’s day and have better ideas for this mother’s day. I am proud of my mom. She is the world’s best mother. Happy mother’s day!

Top 5 Mother's Day Prayers 2014

What are you doing this mother’s day for your mother? Why not make this mother’s day unforgettable? There are plentiful ideas you can follow to make it true. Well, we have a best idea you can follow to make your mother happiest this time.

Top 5 Mother's Day Prayers 2014

Top 5 Mother's Day Prayers 2014
Here is the list of Mother’s day prayers that you can read in front of your mom and delight her.

1.Every mother’s prayer: The prayer explains the feelings of a child to her mom and her child is praying for happiness and joy all the time.

I pray you'll be my eyes
And watch her where she goes
And help her to be wise
Help me to let go

Every mother's prayer
Every child knows
Lead her to a place
Guide her with your grace
To a place where she'll be safe

I pray she finds your light
And holds it in her heart
As darkness falls each night
Remind her where you are

Every mother's prayer
Every child knows
Need to find a place
Guide her with your grace
Give her faith so she'll be safe

Lead her to a place
Guide her with your grace
To a place where she'll be safe

2. Mother’s day prayer: Praying for mother’s good life and wishing blessings for her.

"Blessed be all mothers
Who have come into our lives
Whose kindness, care and loving
Remain with us to guide.

Your inspiration in us
Made us strive in every way
Especially to remember
Helping others makes our day.

Mothers, this little tribute
Flows directly from my heart
You are so loved and cherished
Invaluable, one and all, you are.

3. Thank you for being my friend: The prayer says about the things a child has shared with her mother and thanking her for everything.

God our Creator, we pray:
for new mothers, coming to terms with new responsibility ;
for expectant mothers, wondering and waiting;
for those who are tired, stressed or depressed;
for those who struggle to balance the tasks of work and family;
for those who are unable to feed their children due to poverty;
for those whose children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities;
for those who have children they do not want;
for those who raise children on their own;
for those who have lost a child;
for those who care for the children of others;
for those whose children have left home;
and for those whose desire to be a mother has not been fulfilled.
Bless all mothers, that their love may be deep and tender,
and that they may lead their children to know and do what is good,
living not for themselves alone, but for God and for others.

4. A blessing and prayer tribute to all mothers: A prayer and prayer tribute to all the mothers with lots of love and care from her child. It’s the best prayer one can read for mother and make her gladder.

May the blessing of the Divine
Be an especially bright benediction
Upon mothers everywhere
On your blessed day -
On Mother's Day!

5.Mother’s day prayer: A prayer that explains love for mom and everything a child likes about her mom. Expressing to mom that what her child feels about her.

I love you, Mom. I love your aliveness,
your joy in living, your understanding,
your giving.
And what I love best of all
is that you love me.
God of all Mothers,
thank you for my mom!

These are the best mother’s day prayers one can read in front of her mother. It states the care and love a child has for her mother. With your pure love and emotions make this mother’s day memorable one and spread happiness everywhere. What are you thinking? Plan a good surprise for your mom with this touching mother’s day prayers. I am proud to be a child of a mother like you! I love you mom! There is no world without a mother.

Find out our other articles related to mother’s day and pick the one idea of your choice. Make the day exceptional and full of pleasure. Happy mother’s day!

Top 7 Mother's Day Recipes 2014

Mother’s day planning is going on everywhere. Everyone is thinking about the best idea they can use to make their mom happy. What is your plan? Have you thought something special for your mom? Not yet? No problem. Let’s check out the article and know more about the best idea for mother’s day.

Top 7 Mother's Day Recipes 2014

Top 7 Mother's Day Recipes 2014
On this mother’s day making a special food item for your mom is a preeminent idea of expressing your love and care for her. Mom makes food for us whole year and if you make the food item on this day especially for her then it will make her so pleased. Here is the some prominent mother’s day recipes name you can follow.
  • Mother’s day pie: Make your mom delighted with the yummy crust less custard pie.
  • Old fashioned coconut cream pie: Make her day full of joy with old fashioned coconut cream pie.
  • Blueberry waffles with fast blueberry sauce: Your mom will be enchanted with the yummy taste of blueberry waffles with sauce.
  • Cinnamon rolls: The best food item cinnamon rolls will make your mom’s day lovely.
  • Banana crumb muffins: The crumb topping of banana muffins are apart from ordinary. They are mouthwatering!
  • Crepes: The yummy crepes make a day full of happiness and pleasure. It’s a best food item you can make for the day.
  • Petal cake: The beautiful petal cake looks so delicious and in taste as well.
Try out any of these famous mother’s day recipes and make this mother’s day unforgettable.These are the mother’s day recipe which will surprise your mom and make her day memorable. Make any of these mother’s day recipes by your own and make her feel that how precious she is. I love my mom and I am proud of her. Wish you a happy mother’s day!

Top 5 Books on Mothers Day 2014

Mother’s day planning is going on everywhere. What are you doing this mother’s day? Do you have any special idea? Well, there numerous ideas you can follow to make your mom happy. Do you know there are famous books on mothers? Let’s have a look at it.

Top 5 Books on Mothers Day 2014

Top 5 Books on Mothers Day 2014
Here is the list of popular books on mothers.

1. Love Lessons from My Mom: The book is written by the author Kelly corbet.It will be a diverse gift for your mom with your love and care for mom.The book says it all about the care and love!

2. Mothers are like that: The book is written by the author Carol Carrick.The books are all about dissimilar species of mothers.A relationship with mother and her child. It’s the superior gift you can give it to mom this mother’s day.

3. Dear mom-thank you for everything: The book is written by the author Bradley Trevor greive.It’s a replication of children’s thoughts and love for their beloved mother. Isn’t it great?

4. The adventures of mighty mom: The book is written by the author Gwendolyn Mitchell Diaz. The book motivates mothers that they are the greatest.

5. Mother India: The book is written by the author gayatri chatterji.The book is very touchy and awarded the best book.

These are the top books on mothers you can gift to your mom this mother’s day. Some of the books are very touchy and emotional. It is the finest way to express your love, care, and feelings for your mother. The books say it all. Why don’t make her day memorable with this beautiful gift? To get more ideas about mother’s day gifts you can visit our other articles on mother’s day. I am proud of my mom. Love you mom. Happy mother’s day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 My mother’s Best Advice - Mother's Day 2014

Mothers wise and always give right suggestion to her children. We all have experience of the advices mom give to us. We have grown up with the insights of our mom. The advices of mom remain with us forever and keep guiding us in every situation. Here is the collection of some of the best advices ever.

10 My mother’s Best Advice - Mother's Day 2014

10 My mother’s Best Advice - Mother's Day 2014
My mother’s best advice list is here:

1. ‘My mom always tells me to follow my dreams and be independent; I will live a good and happy life.’
2. ‘Don’t let other people make the choices for you and don’t let anyone push you around.’
3. ‘Be happy and enjoy each moment of your life as we have only one life and it’s too short.’
4. ‘Never go with a stranger even if they tell you that your mom told me to pick you up.’
5. ‘Don’t cover your neck you will get cold in your chest. Be careful in the changing weather.’
6. ‘Don’t go empty-handed when you visit someone’s house.’
7. ‘Always take care of yourself whether I am available with you or not. Learn to take care of yourself by your own.’

8. ‘Don’t let anyone make feel bad about you.’

9. 'Whatever you do, do well and be confidant. Believe in you.’

10. ‘Don’t get stressed in any critical situation. Be patient believe that everything is going to be alright.’

These are the best of my mother’s best advices. Each sentence has hidden care and love for you. Isn’t it amazing? Mom teaches us everything and makes us clever to fight with any situation. I am proud of my mom.Tell your mom how precious she is this mother’s day and make her feel that you are world’s best mom. You can visit our other articles related to mother’s day. Happy mother’s day!

List of Best Mother's Day Perfumes 2014

I love my mom. It is completely undisputable! Be prepared to pick a gift that makes your mom happy. Avoid all the stress and buy the gift for your mom with your love and care. Let’s have a look at the ideas which will help you to choose the best gift for your mom.

Mother's Day Perfumes 2014

Mother's Day Perfumes 2014
Mother’s day perfume is the best gift you can give to your mom this year. A beautiful perfume is a personal gift and it is guaranteed that your mom will be so happy to get a mother’s day perfume gift. Choose the perfect scent for your mom so that the fragrance of it reminds her a special moments you have spent together. It will make her happy every time when she uses the perfume you have given to her.

There is a great variety of mother’s day perfumes. There are thousands of websites that provide perfumes especially for mother’s day. You can choose the option which is preferable for you. Moreover, there are branded perfumes available in market if your mom uses a selected brand perfume. Give her a perfume of the brand which is her favorite. It will make her even happier that you bought a gift which she loves the most. What else you want? 

The smile and happiness on her face makes you feel gladder. Make this mother’s day a special and memorable one. Some of the famous brand perfumes for mother’s day are Prada infusion de rose perfume, Reveal perfume for women by Halle berry, cool water woman perfume by David off, No 5 perfume for women by Chanel, and cashmere mist perfume for women by donna Karan. These are the famous perfumes for women that u can choose to buy for your mother.

Isn’t it a great idea? Do it now. Happy mother’s day!


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